Planner Page Tracker

As a teacher, staying organised is crucial for managing your classroom and keeping track of important information. That's why when designing our Teacher Planner, we thought of all the possible ways you may want to keep track of your progress throughout the year. This can be done with your free ribbon bookmark or our glitter elastics and ribbon bookmarks. However, there is another way that you may have missed: Our Page Tracker.

This helpful little corner cut will allow you to keep track of the current week, so you no longer have to keep your ribbon bookmark for the current week and can use it for your checklist or anecdotal notes section.
Give it a try!


Top Tips

  • When starting a new term, cut a few previous pages so that when your planner is closed it will create a nice little finger groove.

  • Grab some of our Glitter Elastics or extra Ribbon Bookmarks.



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