Planner Collective was grown and nurtured over many years by our passionate team at Teach This. In 2022 we decided to give our beloved teacher planner its very own space to shine. That's when we launched ‘Planner Collective’, providing our planners with a new home where they could flourish and grow. Not only is Planner Collective a new space for our planners to shine, but it also allowed us to enhance your experience, making it even more seamless and enjoyable to find your perfect planner.


Our planner journey began in 2017, when we embarked on a mission to create the perfect planner for teachers. As teachers ourselves, we had road-tested many planners that didn’t quite work for us. Many planners lacked the functionality teachers needed to plan and organise effectively, while others weren’t aesthetically pleasing. As an essential teaching tool, we wanted to design a planner that combined both beauty and practicality, with a touch of personalisation to make it uniquely yours!

Listening to the invaluable feedback from our amazing customers, we have fine-tuned and refined our planners year after year. We took every suggestion to heart because we're not just designing planners; we're building your planner bestie. We know busy teachers are juggling lesson plans, curriculum requirements, assessments and behaviour management, all while teaching and inspiring young minds. You deserve a planner that not only keeps you organised but also reflects your unique style and personality. That's why our planners are designed and made right here in Australia by our passionate team.

At Planner Collective, we have an unwavering passion for creating products that are stylish and beautiful. We believe that your planner should be more than just a tool; it should be a functional work of art that you are happy to use every day. From the carefully chosen colour palettes, to the elegant artwork and typography, every detail is meticulously crafted to create a planner that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

So, welcome fellow teacher - we are so happy to have you here! Let us be your trusted companion in your teacher planning journey. Please join the Planner Collective community to share tips and suggestions and discover your new teacher planner bestie.

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